We’re OnThaMove!

OnThaMoveRadio.com continues to be a driving force in providing an avenue for the talented and inspired, who want a presence in the communications arena. We do this by keeping an independent radio station, fully licensed, and online for our listeners to enjoy.

OnThaMoveRadio.com originally founded and solely operated by Ed Butterfield who began his journey in Internet radio in 2003. In 2008 he launched OnThaMoveRadio.com as a project to inspire artists and producers of radio content to join the webcasting generation. Mr. Butterfield took the legalese and technical configuration off the table, to allow for the talent and purpose of these content providers to shine through.

In recent years Mr. Butterfield has engaged some long term associates of his who were inspired to join the webcasting generation with their own original content. Starpower Collective, Harlemworld Radio, DJ Omar Abdullah’s Saturday Night Dance Party to name a few, have been blessing the OnThaMoveRadio.com’s air waves. Slowly taking a position in the background, Mr. Butterfield has passed the torch of program direction to Mr. Derek Burke. He has stepped up to the challenge of managing the station on a full time bases. While Mr. Butterfield is still integral in the legalese and technology portions of the station, he no longer participates as a content provider or producer or manager.

As we close out 2016 and gear up for the 2017 season, you can look forward to programs such as; DJ Omar’s Saturday Night Dance Party, Jerryl Bell’s Old School Mix, I Am Starchild, Starpower Collective and Harlemworld Radio to return to the airwaves at OnThaMoveRadio.com

We you will be listening. Please download our mobile apps so that you can truly be on the move with us.

Happy Holidays

Budda OnThaMove

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